Kiddos having dessert

Hilo trip 2011


New York Highlights

Day 13

Today we had a late start and left the house to go to the post office.  came back home and then went to 86th and lexington to find the hair place…to get a haircut.

got one and then headed to grand central station. walked around, whispered in the tunnel, and then rushed over to gershaim theatre to try to get lottery tickets for wicked the musical.  we tried but were unsuccessful.

then were off to eat.  we ate at famiglia pizza, had new york style pizza. it was yummy!  tried to go to shake shack but it was crowded and there was a long line.  then off to grand central again to pick up some cupcakes and the paper.

we went to magnolia bakery for some cupcakes.  (thought of michelle the whole time.)  i tried to take video of the froster…relearned how to frost in two weeks.  we bought 2: devil’s food with meringue and devil’s food with a gingerbread-like frosting.

then off to century 21 where they have bags and clothing and shoes galore!!!

off then to Le Rivera for 10:00 pm reservations.  we where late 25 minutes.  great meal!

angela: leek and potato soup, beef bourguignon, and bread pudding

tina: mussels, chicken corden bleu, and creme brulee