Walking View

Today I saw a beautiful sunset while on my walk at Ala Moana Beach Park.



Ono Hawaiian Foods with New Friends in Hawaii

Last week, I had a nice dinner with some new friends from Emerald Isle, North Carolina.  We went to a local restaurant called Ono Hawaiian Foods.  First time in Hawaii and first time trying Hawaiian food. 






Here are some things that they tried:

Photo 1 – Combination Plate at Ono Hawaiian Foods


Photo 2 – Laulau (pork shoulder wrapped in luau leaves and ti leaves cooked in an imu or pressure steamed)Image

Photo 3 – Poi (made from the taro root) and White Rice


Photo 4 – Squid Luau (cooked octopus legs with young taro leaves and coconut milk)Image

Photo 5 – Lomi lomi Salmon (Diced tomatoes, diced onions, salted cooked salmon and garnished with green onions)


Also in the combination plate: pipikaula (dried pork meat), haupia (a coconut dessert), and kalua pig (underground oven pork).


A great website with detailed information about Hawaiian food can be found here.

Ono Hawaiian Foods-Yelp Site

Ono Hawaiian Foods-Google Plus Site